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May/June 2001 issue of Modern Maturity

Dan Wakefield


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CWJHS Dedication :: February 14, 1930

CWHS Song Lyrics

Colonel White Fight Song

(Go, you, Northwestern)

Go, Cougars, go, team!
Fight for Colonel White.
Keep our goal in sight, team;
Strive to win with all your might ---                                      fight, fight, fight!

Fight, Cougars, Fight,                                 Our honor to uphold;
Lead on our team to victory.
Triumphant is the Green and Gold.




Our school colors are GREEN and GOLD



Seeking, serving, securing democracy

Alma Mater

We'll sing out the praises;          We'll broadcast the might
Of our loved Alma Mater,         Our own Colonel White,
When the Gold of our dreams     And the Green of our youth       Are blended with loyalty,      Honor, and truth.


Raise high the colors,                 The Green and the Gold!
Victory will follow                     The trail of the bold;
Striving to do                          What is best, what is right;
Loyal forever                            To thee, Colonel White.

The future awaits us,                Our goals to achieve;
Ever trusting the Father,             His plan to conceive.
When we think of our school days, So happy and bright,
Our thoughts will re-echo        Your name, Colonel White.



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©2011 Colonel White H.S. Class of 1965


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